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Knee pain

Arthroscopy can be part of your thorough joint treatment

Arthroscopy is a commonly performed procedure that can help you get back on your feet in no time. Using only a small incision in the skin, Dr. Perry can examine and treat your joint problems, sometimes on an out-patient basis.

A complete diagnosis of your condition may include x-rays, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. If Dr. Perry needs more information, a tiny arthroscopic camera can be inserted into your joint for a closer examination.


During the same procedure, miniscule instruments can treat many different kinds of joint damage. Pain is usually minimal and recovery often swift.

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•  Arthroscopy

•  X-rays, CT Scans and MRIs


For information about specific joint injuries, see our website pages on knees, elbows, shoulders and more.

When to use an arthroscope?

Arthroscopy is often useful in treating the following conditions:

•  Meniscal tears

•  Rotator cuff damage

•  Carpal tunnel syndrome

•  Torn ligaments

•  Loose bone and cartilage in the knees, shoulders and other joints

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since 1978.