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Hand injury

Find remedies for these elbow, wrist and hand injuries

Damaged hands are frustrating. Whether you're at work or at home, your ability to grasp, turn, tap and punch is essential to much of what you do. Dr. Perry's care for hands, wrists and elbows is designed to fully restore their usefulness.

•  Sprains and strains

•  Carpal tunnel syndrome

•  Cubital tunnel syndrome

•  Compartment syndrome

•  Fractures

•  Falls

Learn about your ailment

Click on the following links to get additional information about your situation and how treatments may progress:

•  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•  De Quervain's Tendinosis

•  Trigger Finger


Other useful links can be found on our website pages about specific body parts, i.e. shoulder injuries, hip and knee injuries, etc.

Receive board-certified care

Dr. John F. Perry, MD, is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. He has been in practice since 1978.


Christine Deery, CMA, is Dr. Perry's office manager. Contact us for an appointment now.

Dr. Perry is licensed

to practice in Florida

and Pennsylvania.

•  Tendonitis

•  De Quervain's Tendinosis

•  Tennis elbow

•  Ganglion cysts

•  Arthritis

•  Lyme disease

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