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Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

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Receive treatment for these hip, knee and ankle injuries

Strong legs are the foundation on which you move. Pain and damage limit a lot of what you can do, what you can carry, where you can go. Dr. Perry can help restore or improve the quality of your life with expert hip, knee and ankle care.

•  Meniscal tears

•  Tendon tears

•  Swelling and stiffness

•  Stress fractures

•  Shin splints

Useful links about your injury

Click on the following links to get additional information about your situation and how treatments may progress:

•  Common Knee Injuries

•  Meniscal Tears

•  How to Use Crutches, Canes & Walkers

•  Care of Casts & Splints

Other useful links can be found on our website pages about specific body parts, i.e. shoulder injuries, hand and wrist injuries, etc.

Lyme disease treatment

As the threat from Lyme disease grows, this office is treating more patients with swelling in the joints. Your knees and elbows may be especially affected by this infection.


If you are experiencing joint pain or think you have been exposed to Lyme disease from a tick bite, contact our office soon for an appointment and medical care.

Dr. Perry has been getting people back on their feet

since 1978.

•  Chronic pain and disability

•  Arthritis

•  Degeneration

•  Bursitis