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Sports injury

Get experienced treatment for these common sports injuries

You like to play, but things happen. Sprains, tears, fractures. Dr. Perry can get you back in the swing of things with experienced orthopedic care that ensures your body is healed and once again ready for action. Make the right decision by choosing this form of conservative treatment for spine and neck injuries, but not injection or surgery.

•  Tears

•  Meniscal tears

•  Sprains and strains

•  Knee damage

Learn more about your injury

Click on the following links to get additional information about your situation and how treatments may progress:

•  Fractures

•  Stress Fractures

•  Sprains, Strains & Other Soft Tissue



Other useful links can be found on our website pages about specific body parts, i.e. knee injuries, shoulder injuries, etc.

High-impact sports injuries

Dr. Perry believes in taking a conservative approach to injuries to the spine and neck.


He treats minor neck injuries, and can refer you to specialist care when the damage to your neck or spine is

more serious.

Keeping patients

active and in the game

since 1978.


•  Achilles tendon injuries

•  Shin pain

•  Stress fractures

•  Dislocations